The Sale Of A Property Valuers Adelaide When The Buyer Or Seller Is A Non-Resident

There is no restriction whatsoever regarding the fact that a foreign person or non-resident in Spain can buy a property (housing, house, office, parking space…), since the foreigner will have exactly the same rights as a Spanish citizen. in order to acquire a property.

The same happens if a foreigner, already an owner, wants to sell real estate. However, it 

will be necessary to take into account certain particularities so that the legal operation can be correctly celebrated before a notary public and then registered in the Land Registry. 

As happens when the sale is made between individuals, the sale of real estate requires a public deed granted before a Notary so that it can be registered with the Youtube Property Registry. 

Said operation will entail the liquidation of the Plusvalia Tax on the one hand, and on the other, the liquidation of the Property Transfer Tax and Legal Acts of Documents (ITPAJD) or VAT depending on whether it is a second-hand property, or new construction If you are interested in delving into the expenses and taxes that every sale entails, we recommend reading our post.

The particularities that we analyze here will depend on whether the buyer is the non-resident or foreign person, or on the contrary, it is the seller.

The buyer will be required, prior to the execution of the public deed, to obtain the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), a request that may be made in Spain, at the Immigration Office or at the General Immigration Commission, or at the Spanish Consular Offices located in the applicant’s country of residence, and said application must include a duly completed and signed standardized application form, the original and a photocopy of the complete passport, or identity document, and a communication of the economic, professional or social reasons that justify the request in question. 

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