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Developers are gathering support from residents and public officials for a road that would connect Frogtown and Richwood roads in Boone County.Valuation process is helpful for knowing house price.Fred Burch and Bob Porter, who own acres along the proposed road, want state legislators to keep the road in the six-year funding plan that Gov. Paul Patton has sent to the Legislature.They hope to build a shopping center that would attract a dry cleaner, video store, restaurant and other businesses that would serve the booming suburb of Richwood.

Some residents on Frogtown Road who object to additional traffic want the Legislature to delete the road from the state plan. They hope opponents will attend a public forum at a.m. Jan. at the Boone County courthouse. Few opponents of the road attended the first forum last Saturday. The Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus is sponsoring a series of forums to hear what voters think about issues before the General Assembly.

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State Rep. Paul Marcotte, caucus chairman, does not support the mile road that would be built just west of Interstate. Other roads deserve to be given higher priority, he said, but he has not asked the state Transportation Cabinet to delete the Frogtown-Richwood connector from the funding plan.”The road may have merit in the long run from a planning property valuation course adelaide standpoint,” said Marcotte, R-Union. ”But I still think it doesn’t deserve priority status.” 

Ken and Sandra DeMaria, who live on Frogtown Road, were disappointed that more opponents of the road failed to attend the forum last week.Mrs. DeMaria said she and her husband spent more than three weeks going door to door, talking to residents about the proposed road and commercial development, and asking them to attend the forums.”They’re just up in arms about it, but you’ve got to go to these meetings to show support,” she said.Burch and Porter say more people favor the road. They collected signatures on a petition that was delivered to legislators last week.

A petition opposing the road has collected 60 signatures, Mrs. DeMaria said. She and her husband did not ask residents to sign a petition when they went door to door, she said.The Boone County Planning Commission has included a Frogtown-Richwood connector in its vision for the county’s growth since at least. Planners envision it as part of a longer connector that would stretch from Weaver Road in Florence to Beaver Road in Walton to divert local traffic from .Valuation process is useful for doing calculation on house price.

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